Seaglass Jewelry by Beachcombings Studio

Beachcombings Studio creates handcrafted one-of-a-kind seaglass jewelry that speaks of the natural world. We combine treasures discovered on the beach, precious and semiprecious stones, and sterling silver in simple, elegant designs that echo time spent by the shore.

Our work is a family effort that draws on each of our individual talents; we work with the materials we love. Much of the seaglass we use comes from Maine, the United Kingdom, Nova Scotia and Lake Michigan, representing years of collection. Bezels and cuffs are made from hand-cut, formed, and hammered silver, and bails are crafted from 14- gauge sterling silver wire.

Please know that all our pieces are unique. Any style that is on line can be ordered but what will vary will be the color and the shape of the seaglass. Even if it's marked SOLD, the style of that piece can be ordered and you can specify a color, however, please know that I may not have that color or shape. In a few years, seaglass might no longer be found on our beaches. Treasure it while it's still available.